Collection of emulators, written by me*.

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Xemu (full name: X-Emulators) is collection of emulators running on Linux/Unix/Windows/MacOS of various (mainly 8 bit) machines, including - but not limited to - the Commodore LCD, Commodore 65 and MEGA65 as well. And yes, that's an "X" in the name, not "Z" :)

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Stable ("master" branch) releases

The recommended branch to be used in general. Note: "stable" means the most stable branch I have, it does not mean bug free :)

The 'future next stable' still unstable ("next" branch) builds

The "next stable" (staging branch for stable). There can be issues, but you may find newer features (and bug fixes) here, though with the chance to introducing new bugs (before being tested/fixed and merged into stable master).

Highly experimental / unstable ("dev" branch) builds

Not used frequently but for testing / developing very new concepts. May not even work or corrupt emulation related files, etc. Not recommended to be used by anybody, unless you're really know what you're doing, for example you're an Xemu developer or you're told to try this for testing, etc.